A business-assessment workshop involving your key process leaders

A typical RAD Session consists of 1 to 3 days of meeting between Breakaway consultants and the client business process experts, owners, participants, and stakeholders. Following the meetings, Breakaway consultants review the supporting materials, document client’s business processes and develop RAD Session output and solution success plan. After the two-day workshop, we spend one to two weeks analyzing the findings. We determine constraints and areas for systemization, then we jointly develop a proposal and scope document outlining solutions that can be implemented within two to four months. Solutions leverage both technology and process improvements.RAD Sessions typically focus on a single business process.  Multi-day sessions can focus on a 2 to 4 related processes. Examples include actual reporting, consolidations, budgeting at one level of the organization, driver-based planning, rolling forecast, inventory management, and salary planning.

Process and Solutions

RAD produces custom, state-of-the-art desktop applications that access your current platforms. Each application is a Web-enabled, online, real-time desktop solution with simultaneous data access and manipulation capability by multiple, concurrent users.RAD Session output is delivered to the client very quickly (no more than 1 week).  Implementation of typical end-solution plans average two to four months using a joint development team. Large enterprise projects may take longer. The initial assessment workshop is a standard fixed fee that varies based on the number of processes included in the scope.

The Breakaway Difference

We assess processes rapidly and thoroughly, whereas the competition takes two to three months.  Breakaway commits chief thought leaders with both technology and business analysis backgrounds to each project and we have extensive industry expertise in Financial Services, Retail, Life Sciences, and Manufacturing. Our overall goal is to work together on the Process Solutions and Technology Enablers to move from time spent on manually intensive data management to time spent on value-added activities of business support and actionable analyses.

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