Gross-To-Net Analysis

This module pulls in attributes specific to the customer type in order to allow effective detailed contract analysis of actual sales and discount data. Use of OLAP cube technology allows your analysts to view the data from an infinite number of perspectives to simplify strategic evaluations. This allows you to easily defend and adapt contracting strategies. All cube analysis reports update and consolidate in real-time to ensure accurate, actionable evaluation.  The Analysis Module also includes a Market Share calculation engine. The Gross-To-Net Dashboard KPIs give executives and managers the data visualization insight to spot trends and identify performance items that need further research or action.

Gross-To-Net Forecast

The forecast calculates contract demand sales, discounts and administrative fees by customer, brand and book of business using a dozen customized algorithms that bring in actual data along with centralized national assumptions. This creates a baseline forecast that the Analyst can override and tune on an exception basis. All assumption overrides are tracked for SOX and audit compliance. Bringing in a new set of national assumptions is as simple as pushing a button. The forecast consolidates and updates in real time to allow for quick turnaround on reporting. The Deal Economics application is used to model multiple contracting scenarios and compare profitability of those scenarios before a contract is written or updated. Use of COGS, Royalties, Discounts, Administrative Fees, and other expenses allow P&L profitability analysis. The final approved scenario can automatically be loaded into the forecast to prevent rekeying errors. This data is also integrated into the Gross-To-Net Dashboard in order to see year KPI trends and gain insight on a long term basis. Standard report packages allow you to get up and running quickly.

Gross-To-Net Reserves

A module that allows accrual reserve management from a general ledger perspective. As data is automatically loaded from the forecast module, and is transformed from a contract customer perspective to a profit center and segment GL perspective. The discount accrual that is modeled incorporates the forecast, inventory flow, price adjustments, and current and prior year true-ups based on actuals that are received by the system.The product assumptions cube in this application controls product inventory, total company gross sales, wholesale/retail inventory and price increases.

The Reserve Modeling section of the application allows for controls over the segment inventory split and also allows control over whether true-ups are taken in the current month or not. Tight version controls and tracking of assumption overrides allow for SOX and audit traceability. The accrual submission application is configured to automatically create journal entry reports or data feeds to load to your GL system. Breakaway works with your finance team to ensure a seamless output generation to avoid manual keying of the entries