Applications and Accelerators

Now in its fourth generation, Breakaway Technologies’ Gross-To-Net is designed to help branded and generic pharmaceutical manufacturers of any size automate their gross to net processes; improving forecast accuracy, reducing workload, and improving compliance. Key features include: Discount forecasting, reserve reporting, calculating discount accruals and  contract analysis.

Contract Level Commercial Forecast

State & Program Level Medicaid Forecast

Assumption-Based Volume & Discount Forecasting

Connectors for SAP, Model-N & Revitas

Secure SaaS Platform

Breakaway’s patented BPM Connect integration framework links your BPC solution to source systems with unparalleled performance, security, and reliability. BPM Connect makes complex integration work quick and easy with a best practice ETL methodology, pre-built connectors, and a productivity tool-set.

Extendable Integration Framework

Helps Users Control Data Flow

Reduces Operational Cost

Improves Logic Performance

Proven Technology


Rapid Assessment and Development

For any technology project to be successful, the supporting business processes need to adapt to new requirements and the needs of the people who use the system factored into the design. Our business process re-engineering consultants have experience working with organizations of all sizes to solve these problems. They leverage our patented RAD process to align requirements, highlight risk areas, drive consensus, and speed adoption.

Current State Analysis

Risk Mitigation & Management

Requirements Design & Definition

Workflow Optimization

Change Management


Reduce Your Implementation Time

Currency Exchange Hedging
Currency Exchange Hedging is an automated solution designed by Breakaway Technologies to help global corporations manage the risk of currency exchange hedging contracts. By eliminating human error when submitting and evaluating data, sales projections are more accurate even as currency rates fluctuate.

  • Standardized data submission and analysis
  • Real-time calculations and reports for accurate sales projections
  • Taking the guesswork out of currency exchange rates
  • Calculations performed by line item and account type
Core FP&A
Core Financial Planning and Analytics offering enables your organization to quickly transform its business performance management practices by integrating existing data sources and inputs into a state-of-the-art OLAP model, democratizing and standardizing critical operational and financial information in as little as 30 days.

  • Income Statement
  • Planning and Reporting by Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Departmental Expenses
  • Trial Balance
  • Pre-Built Reports
  • Self-service Analytics
  • Connect to Virtually any GL
BTI Suite
Turbo Integrator scripting is a foundational piece of any Planning Analytics deployment. BTI Suite is a development aide that helps to standardize core, repeatable maintenance/development tasks identified by the Breakaway Technologies, Inc. Services team over many years of Planning Analytics implementations. Key features include:

• Reduced model development and support time
• Increased efficiency and reliability
• Parallel Processing Optimization
• Pre-Built tools for Time-Period and Security Management
• Pre-Built Maintenance Functions for:
    Cubes, Views, Dimensions, Hierarchies, and Subsets

SAP BPC Logic Editor

BPC Script Logic is a core component of any BPC application, but even well-written script logic can be a daunting task to support and maintain. Our BPC Script Logic Notepad++ extension allows you to replace the classic SAP BPC Script editor with a professional code writing environment. Key features include:

• Enhanced formatting and legibility
• Supports all LGF, LGX, LGL files
• Easier code navigation
• More robust search, find and replace
• Powerful keyword highlighting
• BPC Logic code completion/hints

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