Comprehensive Methodology

Our RAD methodology enables users to deconstruct their current processes by identifying the redundancies and inefficient steps that are currently occurring.  It helps all participants from the stakeholders to individual contributors become aligned on what they are trying to accomplish.  Such RAD sessions can focus on a single process such as the budget process for a business unit all the way to strategic alignment of processes across an entire enterprise.  The processes define who is doing what during which time frame as well as identifies the information they may need to advance to the next step.

Leveraging Data & Analytics

While the RAD process starts with focus on the process, its real strength is to integrate the system and/or tools to help drive the process.  Many of the process steps defined during the RAD sessions will require data gates.  This can include receiving data and/or assumption from a source as well as passing along new data sets that reflect additional intelligence.  For example, a sales force may be responsible for providing unit-based forecasts and may then pass that data to a pricing group who dollarizes that volume and then even another group who manages any discounts and allowances thus providing a full commercial view of gross through net sales.

The final stage is the new analytics that are supported by having all these data points in a single solution that can now provide real insight in a consistent manner to help drive behavior.

Our Implementation Approach

We have a proven track record of helping organizations – from mid-market up-and-comers to global conglomerates – overcome these challenges. We start each implementation by taking you through our patented Rapid Assessment and Development (RAD) process to integrate with your team and to allow us to jointly build the business and functional requirements. Together, we will envision the planning process best applicable to your organization, the steps necessary to implement it, and the technology best able to support it.

Every one of our implementations is executed by consultants who blend global business knowledge with technology expertise. Our clients interact directly with principals or subject matter experts who develop solutions tailored specifically to each client’s needs and the existing infrastructure. All project teams have access to our state-of-the-art training center and prototype lab to complete the project on time through our exceptional service commitment.

Part of the success of Breakaway Technologies is based on our ability to leverage and deploy a consistent, proven methodology across projects. This has allowed for smoother transitions between teams – such as sales and services or services and support for example – and for the transition to your ownership of the application at the conclusion of each project.