Breakaway Technologies delivers superior business solutions by combining our technological and business knowledge in innovative ways that enable our clients to unleash their wisdom and gain competitive advantage.This advantage is achieved through solutions that deliver greater efficiencies and insights to our clients through easier data access, streamlined data flows, point and click analytics and process efficiencies.


We will use and recommend technologies that bring our clients a proven innovation which can be easily used to add value to the business decision process while providing scalability that enables growth as our clients conquer new shores.


We continually strive to be the best at what we do as we tailor business and technological solutions for our clients. We focus on solutions and results which are paramount as we widen our geographic coverage, nationally and globally, continually expand our associates’ capabilities and broaden our service offerings and client base. We will always provide our clients with industry-leading services that leverage our business and technological knowhow.


Leadership distinguishes us from other software consultants and enables you to cultivate data into wisdom and to answer strategic questions competitors only ponder. Our uniqueness comes from our blend of experts who have technical expertise as well as business and operational expertise. We understand why you need information and why you need it right now.  With backgrounds in finance, technology, operations and management, we talk your language and the language of your technologists.

What Makes Us Better?

We pride ourselves on using technologies that serve critical business needs. We also provide value-added components that most companies in the Business intelligence segment can’t offer, including:

A State-of-the-art Training Center and Prototype Lab. Our center gives clients an off-site resource to learn how to maximize each solution we implement.  The Center also provides training for a wide range of business application software that supports work efficiencies and intelligence.

Unique Knowledge Transfer. We have a proven track record of successful global implementations.  When projects are complete, we transfer all systems knowledge to you, so you are entirely self-sufficient.  You won’t need us to run the day-to-day applications and processes. Data feeds are automated and management reporting can be easily modified by the end user.

Exceptional Service Commitment. We provide every client with 24/7 support. This service commitment is global and our goal is to always be right where you need us the most, whenever you need us.