What’s New in SAP Analytics Cloud’s Q2 2024 Release? Discover the Latest Features to Enhance Your Business Insights

July 8, 2024

Are you looking to stay ahead with the latest SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) advancements? The Q2 2024 release brings exciting new features designed to optimize planning, boost usability, and increase flexibility for administrators and end-users. Discover how these updates can solve your business challenges and streamline your analytical processes. 

Key Features Overview 


  1. Enhanced User Profile Settings

Administrators can now set global user profile settings. These settings include options for language preferences, date and time formatting, number formatting, and notification preferences. They can be easily managed under the System Administration Default Appearance tab. This enhancement ensures a consistent user experience across your organization, reducing the time spent on individual configurations. 


  1. Predictive Planning

The new predictive planning feature is a game-changer. It lets users retrieve prediction intervals within planning stories, view forecasted values, and save or refresh predictions directly in the planning model. This capability provides more accurate forecasting and helps make informed decisions based on predictive analytics. 


  1. Natural Language Query

The “Just Ask” feature has seen significant improvements. It now supports models in workspaces, aggregation queries, and better model selection. Users can also utilize sample questions to get started quickly. This enhancement simplifies the querying process, making it more intuitive and accessible, even for non-technical users. 


  1. Open Models in Data Analyzer

Models can now be opened in Data Analyzer directly from Workspaces, and insights can be saved. Keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting selected values have also been introduced, enhancing efficiency and productivity in data analysis tasks. 


  1. Variable Dialog Enhancements

The redesigned variable dialog now features a compact design and grid layout, improving usability. New presentation options for variable values have been added, making it easier to work with complex data sets and customize reports according to user needs. 


  1. Extended Support for Unit Property Type in Measures

This update introduces dynamic unit properties based on another dimension, enhancing reporting capabilities for measures with mixed unit types. This feature allows for more precise and meaningful data representation, which is crucial for comprehensive data analysis and reporting. 


  1. Calendar Wizard Enhancements

The Calendar Wizard now includes a toggle to select all descendants when choosing a node in the process hierarchy. This simplification makes creating and managing process hierarchies easier, saving time and reducing the potential for errors in complex scheduling and planning tasks. 


  1. Advanced Formulas

Support for sourcing data from an analytic model using a link function has been added, enhancing cross-model data actions. This feature allows for more sophisticated and interconnected data analyses, enabling users to derive deeper insights from their data. 


  1. Story Polling API

A new API for polling the execution status of data actions in optimized stories allows for real-time feedback. This can be particularly useful for establishing dependencies based on execution status, ensuring smooth and efficient workflow management. 


  1. Data Action Tracing

Improvements in data action tracing include better navigation to leaf levels in dimension hierarchies and a new option to show only leaf nodes in the tracing table. This makes accessing and analyzing impacted members easier, providing more clarity and detail in data action tracing. 


Unlock the Full Potential of SAP Analytics Cloud 


The Q2 2024 release of SAP Analytics Cloud is packed with features designed to enhance your business analytics capabilities. Whether you’re an administrator looking to streamline user settings or an end-user aiming to leverage advanced predictive planning, these updates offer valuable tools to solve your business challenges. 


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