Struggling with Lengthy Closes? Breakaway GTN Can Help

July 8, 2024

The gross-to-net (GTN) forecast is a critical component of the financial close cycle for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Accurately predicting and managing GTN adjustments can be challenging, often complicated by using traditional tools like Excel spreadsheets. These tools are prone to errors, require extensive manual input, and need more advanced functionalities for precise forecasting. This complexity makes optimizing the GTN forecast process crucial for maintaining financial accuracy and efficiency. Breakaway Technologies understands this urgency and offers a comprehensive solution with its GTN platform. With Breakaway GTN, you can significantly reduce the time spent on your financial close and enhance overall efficiency, ensuring you stay ahead in a competitive industry.

  1. Centralize Your Data:

Gone are the days of searching for various data sets from different sources. Breakaway GTN consolidates all your financial data into one centralized location. By ensuring data validity and alignment against a single master data definition, users can access accurate information without the hassle of manual collection. Say goodbye to discrepancies and hello to streamlined processes from day one.


  1. Automate Forecast Roll-Over:

With Breakaway GTN’s automation features, transitioning from one forecast period to the next is seamless. Users can effortlessly roll over previous forecasts by leveraging a unified model for all therapeutic areas with just a few parameter adjustments. With a simple button push, actuals are refreshed, and the model recalculates, saving time and effort.


  1. Harness the Power of Trending:

Forecasting for numerous products can be daunting, but Breakaway GTN simplifies the process with advanced algorithms. Users can set up projections for multiple periods, allowing the system to generate future forecasts based on selected algorithms. Whether trend analysis, seasonality adjustments, or other predictive methods, Breakaway GTN offers flexibility to meet diverse forecasting needs.


Breakaway Technologies’ GTN solution revolutionizes the financial close process by providing a unified platform for data management, automated forecast rollover functionalities, and sophisticated algorithms for trend analysis. Embrace efficiency and eliminate unnecessary complexity. Reach out to Breakaway Technologies today to learn more and request your complimentary demo. Contact us now to transform your financial close process.

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