How Can You Identify Overrides and User Input in Your GTN Process?

March 5, 2024

Are you maximizing the potential of your Gross-to-Net model by recognizing user input and overrides? In the intricate landscape of Gross-to-Net (GTN) processes, understanding the origins of adjustments is key to unlocking meaningful insights and refining your strategies. Let’s delve into the significance of identifying overrides and user input in your GTN process.

A robust GTN model seamlessly integrates predefined calculations with user adjustments. However, transparency in distinguishing these layers is paramount. Users should grasp the underlying assumptions and calculations, discerning where manual interventions are necessary. This transparency empowers stakeholders to comprehend the rationale behind adjustments and make informed decisions.

Tracking user input beyond assumptions is not merely about data collection; it’s about fostering a culture of accountability and understanding. By pinpointing manual inputs, process owners gain visibility into where adjustments originate, prompting crucial questions about their necessity and impact.

Identifying manual input enables process owners to attribute changes to specific individuals, facilitating targeted analysis and fostering accountability within the organization. Allowing for user comments provides even more detail to support the override as well as identify responsible parties.  Moreover, it allows for a comprehensive evaluation of both immediate and downstream impacts on GTN calculations.

Deciphering the puzzle of user input in your GTN process involves understanding all the pieces that contribute to the overall picture. By examining manual adjustments, you can gain valuable insights into the complexities of your GTN model and discover opportunities for optimization.

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