How Can Breakaway’s GTN Solution Enhance Coordination Between FP&A and Revenue Accounting?

March 5, 2024

The Importance of Coordination in Gross-to-Net Forecasting  

In the complex world of pharmaceutical manufacturing, accurate forecasting is crucial for success. However, this becomes a challenging task when dealing with complex distribution channels and multiple teams working on financial projections. In this blog, we explore the significance of increasing coordination between Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) and Revenue Accounting teams to streamline the processes and achieve better results using Breakaway’s GTN solution. Forecasting Gross-to-Net revenue is a critical aspect of financial planning for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Yet, it’s not a standalone process. The distribution channels and their intricate behaviors demand a collaborative approach between FP&A and Revenue Accounting. Typically, one team focuses on developing trends and accrual rates, while the other measures financial impacts. Harmonizing assumptions and improving communication between these teams can significantly enhance the overall process, making it more accurate and efficient. 


Breakaway GTN: A Unified Platform 

Enter Breakaway Gross-to-Net – a game-changing solution that facilitates seamless coordination between FP&A and Revenue Accounting. This innovative platform empowers both teams to leverage the same data sets – sales, claims, inventory, etc. – while retaining the autonomy to execute their specific tasks. Breakaway GTN fosters efficient communication and collaboration by integrating and transparently connecting its processes. Now, users can address questions like why one group chose path X while the other opted for Y, leading to more informed decision-making and streamlined operations. Moreover, the platform enables scenario and what-if modeling, unlocking additional business value for pharmaceutical manufacturers. 


Benefits of Improved Coordination 

There are numerous advantages of increased coordination between FP&A and Revenue Accounting. Not only does it result in more accurate forecasts and accrual rates, but it also saves time and resources. By using Breakaway GTN, pharmaceutical manufacturers can establish a solid foundation for open dialogue and foster a culture of collaboration, ultimately driving better financial outcomes. Collaboration is the key to successful Gross-to-Net forecasting in the dynamic world of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Embracing the Breakaway GTN solution empowers FP&A and Revenue Accounting teams to work harmoniously, leverage shared data sets, and make more informed decisions. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can achieve greater efficiency and financial success by bridging the gap between these two essential functions. Reach out to a Breakaway representative today to learn how you can enhance coordination with GTN. 


To learn more about how Breakaway’s GTN solution can revolutionize your Gross-to-Net forecasting and streamline coordination between FP&A and Revenue Accounting teams, reach out to us today. Schedule a demo or inquire further by contacting a Breakaway representative. Unlock the potential for enhanced collaboration and better financial outcomes in pharmaceutical manufacturing with Breakaway GTN. 

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