Easy Excel Integration with IBM Planning Analytics

February 14, 2023

Easy Excel Integration with IBM Planning Analytics

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson is a business planning system that integrates data and analytics from multiple sources, providing planning and business intelligence (BI) capabilities. The solution gives users an integrated view of their company’s operational performance and financial health, as well as forecasting and predictive modeling capabilities to help them visualize the impact on their business.

IBM Planning Analytics for Excel allows you to access your Planning Analytics data directly from Excel, allowing you to get the most out of the data you already have. IBM Planning Analytics for Excel allows you to use formulas to create custom calculations, create a variety of data visualizations, and build reporting books to organize your data intuitively and consistently.

You need to download and install the add-in on your PC to use Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel with your Planning Analytics model. Once installed, you can connect to your current model and are ready to go.

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