Managing Overrides in your Gross to Net Process

February 22, 2023

Managing Overrides in Your Gross to Net Process

Your company’s Gross-to-Net process most likely involves many people across a multitude of teams, including accounting, forecasting, and branding. As you go through your Gross to Net process, it is important to gather input and expertise from these various groups.  However, as you review the process, it is even more important to be able to see what input and overrides have been entered, and by whom.  Providing this capability allows you clear visibility to assumptions that different users have applied to generate the final forecast.

When generating accruals or month-end journal entries, this becomes even more relevant.  It is essential for systems to maintain a list of user input along with relevant timestamps and commentary to explain these inputs.

Breakaway Gross-to-Net tracks user input down to a cell level and allows overrides to be collected at any level.  This allows reviewers and auditors to easily evaluate and monitor the entire process.

Are you or your team bogged down by lengthy forecasting times and inaccurate accruals? If so, you may need an out-of-the-box, turn-key solution for contract analysis, discount forecasting, and reserve reporting. Get in touch with a Breakaway representative today to learn more about our gross-to-net solution.

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