Intercompany Eliminations with SAP Analytics Cloud

February 20, 2023

Intercompany Eliminations with SAP Analytics Cloud

Did you know that conducting intercompany eliminations in SAP Analytics Cloud is possible? This blog will look at what constitutes an intercompany elimination and how SAP Analytics Cloud can perform this on plan information for enhanced forecast and budget accuracy.

Intercompany transactions occur when two entities within the same parent company engage in business. Intercompany transactions can be downstream, upstream, or lateral.   Intercompany Elimination is the process a parent company goes through to remove the profit/loss arising from intercompany transactions so the consolidated financial statements can offer an accurate, fair, and regulatory-compliant view of the group’s financial situation.

You can eliminate intercompany transactions via an automated process within SAP Analytics Cloud. The system can quickly identify and eliminate intercompany transactions at the appropriate level within the organization’s data. To see this functionality in action, please watch our latest on-demand webinar.

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