Breakaway’s NetSuite Ignitor for IBM’s Planning Analytics

January 23, 2023

These days, a significant focus is on having an accounting solution that allows you to manage a complex business without requiring a complex implementation.   Oracle’s cloud ERP, NetSuite, is one of the best solutions in the market today for this purpose and is used in thousands of organizations of all sizes.I first encountered NetSuite back in 2016 when an FP&A client of ours contacted me to develop a forecasting system based on their firm’s implementation of NetSuite’s ERP.  We discovered that while NetSuite addressed the needs of accounting, it lacked the analytic capabilities that Finance needed to understand, evaluate, and report on the business.

He wasn’t alone.

Since then, I have talked to many more NetSuite customers facing a similar problem.  The NetSuite core functionality is great, but there is a need for more advanced capabilities when it comes to reporting, analytics, and forecasting.

Enter Breakaway’s NetSuite Ignitor (NSI) for IBM’s Planning Analytics!   NSI is an accelerator that leverages IBM’s Planning Analytics to bring advanced reporting, analytics, and forecasting capabilities to NetSuite clients.   NSI allows you to meet your reporting, analytics, and forecasting needs using the data and metadata contained in NetSuite without having to develop complex ETL or start a custom integration from scratch.  Using NSI and IBM’s Planning Analytics with your existing NetSuite ERP helps you streamline reporting, analytics, and forecasting processes by providing a simple and easy mechanism for accessing, querying, and interrogating all aspects of your business.

Key Capabilities Include:

  • Fast and Flexible Deployment
  • Out of the Box Reporting and Analysis of Existing NetSuite Data
  • Drill Through to Transaction Detail
  • Microsoft Excel Integration
  • Advanced Forecasting, Dashboarding, and Collaboration Tools

Breakaway’s NetSuite Ignitor for IBM’s Planning Analytics will extend visibility into your organization and help you make actionable decisions off your NetSuite data.

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