Supporting the Audit Process with Breakaway’s Gross-to-Net System

January 30, 2023

Supporting the Audit Process with Breakaway’s Gross-to-Net System 

The audit review process is a necessary step in the gross-to-net process, but it can be time-consuming and cumbersome for both you and your team; especially when done using Excel or any other manual process.

Breakaway’s Gross-to-Net system helps you streamline the audit process by tracking all calculations and configurations per version that comprise your Gross-to-Net forecast and close. This includes assumptions and derived line items. In addition, user entry is tracked and supports commentary for review purposes. That way if there are any questions about where things came from or why they were done that way, there’s no confusion about what happened; you can simply look back at the log.

This functionality not only serves your auditors’ purposes but can be leveraged during your internal review meetings as well, whether they are for Brand presentation or Segment analysis.

Breakaway’s Gross-to-Net system provides the tools you need to manage the most stringent compliance requirements. We’re committed to helping you save time throughout the audit process, leaving you and your team with more time for analysis and boosting productivity for your organization.

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