Operationalize Your Data, Analytics, and AI

September 9, 2022

Operationalize Your Data, Analytics, and AI

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

In today’s competitive landscape, innovation is crucial for businesses of all shapes and sizes to stay ahead. IBM Cloud Pak for Data makes innovation easy, by allowing users to access data quicker, boosting productivity, and cutting operational costs. Your business will be able to predict outcomes faster using a platform built with data fabric architecture enabling you to collect, organize and analyze data, no matter where it resides.

The ability to compose and re-use data services with IBM’s data fabric on IBM Cloud Pak for Data allows you to tackle a variety of use cases such as multi-cloud data integration, governance and privacy, customer 360, MLOps, and Trustworthy AI. In this way, the IBM data fabric delivers end-to-end automation to maximize productivity and time–to–value such as automated policy and business controls enforcement – all while leaving data where it resides.

IBM’s approach to Data Fabric

Good for large, complex environments – IBM’s data fabric handles the workload of large organizations, even when the data in question is dispersed across hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Data governance – Some of the most exciting governance capabilities of the IBM Data fabric include automatically applying metadata to new datasets using machine learning as well as auto-generated data quality assessments and scoring and AI-based dataset recommendations.

Data pipeline and Trustworthy AI – IBM data fabric components such as advanced data engineering work to automate access and sharing, while accelerating data delivery with active metadata.

Transaction processing – The storied reputation of IBM Db2 carries forward into the transaction processing capabilities of the IBM Data Fabric. All the same great abilities businesses have come to rely on remain and have been upgraded with a data fabric approach. Zero downtime on data migration and upgrades also helps ensure your transaction processing never misses a beat.

Deployment options – IBM’s approach to the data fabric gives clients the freedom to choose how they architect their solutions. Nowhere is this more important than in our deployment options.


Get in touch with us to learn how IBM Cloud Pak for Data can help improve your business’s productivity and simplify access to siloed data distributed across a hybrid cloud landscape.

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