[Webinar] Strategic Workforce Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud

March 31, 2022

Thursday April 21, 2022 | 1:00 PM ET 

Are you tired of siloed planning, outdated modeling, and incomplete reporting? Are you frustrated with the inability to get the data needed to facilitate a smooth and efficient integrated business process across your organization?

Join Breakaway Technologies to see how SAP Analytics Cloud can engage finance, operations, and HR stakeholders in the planning process while creating a unified eXtended Planning and Analysis (XP&A) approach.

This webinar will demonstrate how strategic workforce planning can be performed via SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to assist your organization’s ability to visualize how well you are positioned to meet the changing workforce demands in a globalized economy.

Topic areas focusing on how to:

  • Recognize headcount needs, plan headcount supply, and proactively identify gaps between those outlooks.
  • Project where HR talent acquisition and retention initiatives are needed.
  • Automate HR modeling based on historical trends and current drivers to deliver forecast accuracy in your modeling.


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