[Webinar] GTN: Solution Part 1 – Centralizing Your Gross to Net Data

September 9, 2021

On Thursday September 23rd, 2021 @ 1:00 pm ET please join for part 1 of our series covering our GTN Solution.

Your Gross to Net system will only be as good as the data you put into it.  Data can come from a multitude of sources:  financial and adjudication systems as well as information from third parties.  Experts from Breakaway Technologies will provide insight into what data is needed and what to look out for to ensure you get clean and accurate data into the system.

  • Enhance your Gross to Net system by gathering the right data and sources
  • Tips on identifying controls and potential issues
  • Get insight into Breakaway’s GTN Actuals module as the foundation of your GTN journey

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