Planning Gross Margin by Product in BPC

February 1, 2018

Do you plan Gross Margin by product, but spend too much time building scenarios based on different price and cost drivers?

Planning at a product gross margin level can help you avoid prices that are too low, or discounts or direct costs that are too high – it can help make sure you are not losing money on every sale! You need to build out multiple scenarios with different prices for each product, and different cost components, not just different cost of goods sold values.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidations (BPC) can help you do just that!

On February 22, experts from Breakaway Technologies will showcase capabilities of SAP BPC, and how best-in-class organizations leverage it to create multiple scenarios of gross margin at a product level. We will discuss how BPC can help you:

  • Establish sales forecasts with units and price
  • Integrate flat dollar and rate-based cost drivers
  • Use automated calculations to generate gross margin data
  • Prepare best case, worst case and other scenarios for revenue and direct costs.

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