Leveraging the newest features of IBM Planning Analytics

February 1, 2018

Integrated analytics is now at your fingertips with IBM Planning Analytics: from data entry and live calculations to self-service analytics and executive dashboards, all available in the cloud or on-premise. Whether you’ve recently upgraded from a legacy TM1 application, are still contemplating an upgrade, or just implemented a brand-new solution, please join our first webinar of 2018!

On February 14, experts from Breakaway Technologies will give an overview of IBM Planning Analytics, with a focus on the latest features, including:
• “Hierarchies” – the doorway to unbounded analytics
• “Planning Analytics for Excel” – the new Excel interface
• “Planning Analytics Workspace” – self-service visualization and dashboard capabilities
• Upgrade and Deployment Considerations

Click Here to join our webinar and learn how these enhancements enable more advanced analytical and reporting capabilities for budgeting, forecasting and other types of business performance management, and how these functions extend from Excel to Web browser to mobile device.

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