Salary Planning in SAP BPC

October 14, 2016

Are you aware that SAP BPC is an excellent tool to improve the the Compensation and Salary Planning processes in your organization? Make plans to attend Breakaway Technologies, Inc. free webinar on Friday, November 10, 2016 at 1:00 PM EST, and learn how our Compenstation Planning Solution in BPC can help with calculating:

  • Salaries for exempt and non-exempt employees
  • Bonuses and merit increases
  • Fringe benefits and taxes
  • Headcount and FTE projections

Click here to register and learn how our Compensation Planning signature services offering integrates with your current BPC environment, as well as your Payroll system, to provide employee-level compensation calculations. Projected expenses are automatically calculated for each employee based on global assumptions, as well as individually adjusted exceptions. The data is then summarized by Cost Center and Entity and fed to your existing BPC Financial Planning model for the entire organization, while strict security protocols protect the confidential information. Individual managers can plan for new positions and make employee-specific adjustments as needed.

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