Cloud & Excel: The Best of Both Worlds

July 25, 2016

IBM’s Planning Analytics is a state of the art planning and analytic solution that was built for the cloud. It leverages IBM’s high-speed in-memory data engine (TM1), business intelligence capabilities, and the power of Watson Analytics.

Continuing from last month’s webinar on Planning Analytics Workspace, experts from Breakaway Technologies will be discussing how you can take advantage of IBM’s Planning Analytics in the cloud, while continuing to use Excel with CAFE – a combination that will take your organization’s planning and analytics to the next level with speed, agility and foresight.

Attend this month’s complimentary webinar on Thursday, August 25 at 1:00 PM EDT, to learn about how Planning Analytics embraces, not replaces Excel!  This webinar will feature:

  • The role of CAFE in Planning Analytics;
  • Building and deploying CAFE reports;
  • Performing ad-hoc analysis in CAFE.

If you missed last month’s webinar on Planning Analytics Workspace, email us for a personalized replay, and stay tuned for future webinar topics like TM1 Enhancements, accessing and migrating to Planning Analytics, and the features of Cognos Analytics.

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