Premium Maintenance Program for BPM Connect Integration Framework

July 30, 2014

Breakaway Technologies is pleased to announce the creation of the Premium Maintenance Program for our  BPM Connect Integration Framework.

BPM Connect Integration Framework is an SAP Qualified ‘Rapid Deployment Solution’  that efficiently and securely bridges the gap between your Business Analytics Solution and its disparate data sources. It simplifies and expedites complex integration projects by leveraging pre-built source system connectors, a productivity toolset, and best-in-class ETL methodologies.

The Premium Maintenance Program allows its subscribers ongoing support, maintenance and upgrades at no additional cost, with priority to enhancements and troubleshooting.

To subscribe to the Premium Maintenance Program, or for any questions regarding the Premium Maintenance Program or BPM Connect Integration Framework, please contact Patrick Ryan at 215-369-7202 or

Additional details regarding this announcement may be read on Business Wire by clicking here.

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